Minggu, 23 November 2008

My Best Friend

By Pares L.Wenda
Editor by Nupy

His name was Kiloner Wenda, I met him when I was studying at university in Malang. Actually he and I were from Wamena but different village and I never met him when I was a child. After I finished my elementary school in 1990 and I went to Jayapura. I finished my senior high school and left in 1996. I went to East Java and studied at Merdeka University Malang. I studied at Economics Development in Economics Faculty. My friend finished his elementary to senior high school in our town and left in 1996 and went to Malang. He finished his studying at Wisnu Wardanah University. His major was technical engineering and finished in 2002. So, he worked in a church foundation.

Why? I said he is my best friend! I have several reasons. First when I was sick in 1997 and went to hospital in Malang he always visited me. That time, I had a lung problem and the doctor predicted that I would die but he always told me not to warry about it. God was going to help you. You must trust the Lord and also trust me and trust yourself that you were going to recover. I really knew all my friends prayed for me when I went to hospital until I left. So I was still in hospital one week before I got out from there.

Second, he always helped me every time I want to do something and so do I. When I got married he gave something and I never forget it. I still remember now and the next time. Maybe when he got married I’m going to help him as he helped me before, As he worked in foundation church and so did I. Before I came here, we always worked and went to countryside to do something together.

I enjoy working with him because he was a man who worked hard and also very discipline.

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