Kamis, 20 November 2008


I have a dream one day. I’m going to be a business because I love working in a company and to earn a lot of money. I’m going to decide to get a small business and become an owner of a business. When I’m 40 years old I’ll become a rich man so I can help my children by giving good education, buying a new house, new car probably. I’ll go round the world on holiday with my family or my relatives. It will be nice, I think.

I will help the poor people in my country. It’s very nice if I’ll do something when I because a rich man. I hope my children will get some good jobs. It can be helpful for their life. So now I’ll prepare to study abroad. I’m going to study there, after that I’ll be back in my town and start to reach my dream. I can’t try to do that now but I can keep trying. If I do this and success, I think many people in my town will know, who I am and what I’m doing there. I hope I’ll be able to do that because for a long time I’m going to do it. ®

Wrote by Pares L.Wenda
Editor by Nupi

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