Kamis, 20 November 2008


I arrive in Denpasar on Friday at 6.00 pm by plane. I’m going to hotel. The hotel is near Kuta Beach. The hotel cost $40 a night. I chose this hotel because it is comfortable and quite. I’m going to check in. I’m going to stay in this hotel only for 36 hours. I arrive at 6.30 pm. I relax and take a bath for 30 minutes. I’m going to buy jacket, jeans, sandals, a diary, maps, a camera and other things. I came back to the hotel at 9.30 pm and go to bed at 10.00 pm.

I wake up early morning at 6.00am and prepare something to take out. Then have breakfast at 6.30am. I’m going to Goa Gaja by car and arrive at 8.00am. I’m going to visit the Goa Gaja and also waterfall near Goa Gaja. Chairman of Goa Gaja is going to explain the story of Goa Gaja, and I’m going to write in my diary. I’m going to take some pictures. I’m going to stay there only one hour.

I leave at 9.00am. I’m going to Gunung Kawi. I arrive at 10.00am. I’m staying there for 30 minutes. I’m going to take some pictures. It’s like a green field, the statue of Hindus’s buildings and waterfall. I leave at 10.30am. I’m going to have a lunch at 12.00pm. I rent a boat and going round the lake for 30 minutes. I leave at 1.00pm. I’m going to Tampak Siring palace. I’m going to take some pictures. I’m going to take a bath in the air suci. Air suci is kind of holy water. I’m going to stay there for one hour. I’m going to speak with chairman of Tampak Siring palace and write the story in the diary.

Finally, I’m going to Sukowati and arrive at 2.00pm. I’m going to the stores and buy something that I like. I’m going to buy boots, some coats, some souvenirs, a hat, and anything I want. I’m going back to the hotel at 3.30pm and arrive at 5.00pm. I’m going take a bath and rest a have dinner. I’m going to checkout at 1.30am and arrive at the Ngurah Rai International Airport at 1.50am. I leave at 3.00am and fly to Jayapura. I arrive at 9.00am and go back home. ®

Wrote by Pares L.wenda
Editor by Nup

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