Kamis, 20 November 2008


1) I think you should eat enough fruits and vegetables each day. It should help you because when you eat lots of fruits and vegetables which don’t have high cholesterol, it is very healthy.

2) I think you should stop smoking because it’s not good for your body. If you stop, it’ll improve your health and do exercise each morning or afternoon after finish working. And if you want to live long you should do my suggestion.

3) I think every year you always are busy so I suggest that you should do checkup yearly. So why it is good for you? Because you’ll know progress of your health. And I hope you should have an advice doctor. And when you have a free time you call him to help you.

4) I think you should avoid eating junk food, because it’s not good for your health. One of the causes to make people ill is junk food so I hope you don’t eat too much junk food because it’s not healthy and has high cholesterol. You should see beside the street some people sold junk food and in some food you’ll find lots of flies around the food and also dust. I don’t think you should eat them.

5) I think you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water each day. Why? Because 90% our body consists of water so if you don’t drink each day like this, you can be sick in parts of your body. So if you never drink like this. I hope you should do it now and it’ll become a good habit in your life.

6) I think you should avoid stress by balancing work and play. Work hard it’ll be better but work hard and without play or rest is not good for your life. So, I hope you’ll be balanced between work and play. If you work hard, don’t forget to eat on time and drink lots of water and eat some fruits. It’ll be fresh and also rest a lot. It should recovery your body and it helps you to work the next day. But it’ll be better if you have a free time and do exercise or do anything you want. It can be good to avoid stress from your job.

7) I think you should start doing a relaxing exercise like yoga or tai chi. Why you should do yoga or tai chi? Because if you are 60 years old, you’ll find many problem in your life, if you don’t do exercise like that. So, I want to suggest you, every day you should do one of them. It’ll be good if you do exercise in the morning at sunrise and in the afternoon on sunset. I know, you don’t do anything now, because you are retired from your job, so now you have many times to do exercise. It’ll help you and you’ll have got good life and live long in the world.

8) I think you should control how much salt and sugar you eat. Because both them are not good. If you eat a lot, you’ll get diabetes and goiter it is dangerous for your life, so you should do checkup to doctor and you’ll know how much salt and sugar you eat and it’s risky for your life or not.

9) I think you should take vitamin supplement tablets each day. It can be good, because when you work hard and you don’t eat something, supplement will help you. I want to suggest you before you buy. You should buy supplement of product high desert. High-desert is kind of product honey bee pollen from the desert. So the product, they call high desert is company of the United States. It’ll be better when you work hard and take it. The important of this supplement for your life is all your disease it’ll save you and you have lots of energy to work.

Wrote by Pares L.Wenda

Editor by Nupi

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